10 Essential Items for a Successful Work-at-Home Transition

The Better Call Paul Blog  April 26, 2020 by W. Paul Alexander  Simultaneously published on several outlets owned by the author Whether you have been forced into a work-at-home situation due to the current coronavirus pandemic or you are just beginning to step out on your own, it’s clear to see that, at some pointContinue reading “10 Essential Items for a Successful Work-at-Home Transition”


Why Upwork is Your Best Bet for a Successful Freelancing Career

So, first of all, I want to give a bit of a disclaimer. I am not, in any way, giving an endorsement of the Upwork platform. I am simply relaying my experiences that have turned my freelance career into a powerhouse, and because Upwork is a super-popular freelancing platform, it is the best bet forContinue reading “Why Upwork is Your Best Bet for a Successful Freelancing Career”

Freelancing Hacks

Thanks for joining us!  My name is Paul, and I am a successful freelancer. As a “Top Rated” Freelancer on some of the world’s largest freelancing platforms, I thought it would be a great idea to start a site that explains some of the tips and tricks involved in getting started.  So, this blog willContinue reading “Freelancing Hacks”