Freelancing Hacks

Thanks for joining us!  My name is Paul, and I am a successful freelancer.

As a “Top Rated” Freelancer on some of the world’s largest freelancing platforms, I thought it would be a great idea to start a site that explains some of the tips and tricks involved in getting started.  So, this blog will feature these tips and tricks, but will also feature articles written for my clients that I still retain the ownership and publishing rights to, so that my visitors can see the style of writing that most clients who hire freelancers prefer to receive.

I am a paralegal and a professional writer by training and by trade, but during my time freelancing, I have broadened my horizons through free certificate and diploma-level educational courses.  This is something that anyone considering freelancing as a source of primary income should do — not consider — but do, in order to keep an ever-expanding skill set in your portfolio.

Sites like ALISON and EdX  are great places to get started with your online education.  There, you can take online marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) courses that will help you not only to get the job you are applying for but produce the type of quality work that clients on freelancing sites expect you to create.  Quality content is the backbone of the internet, plain and simple; and while keyword-heavy content used to by the go-to for SEO, it is no longer the case.  As search engine algorithms have consistently improved in their ability and scope, natural language content is now the preferred form of written material.

Anyway, as I am just starting my site as of March 20, 2019; there is not that much here right now.  However, I am going to make it a point to publish a substantive post at least once per day with the intention of being on of the top sources for people looking to create their own work-from-home freelancing service.

Of note — any sites that try to tell you that there is some magical solution to “get rich quick” from freelancing are flat out lying to you.  Like everything that means anything in life, building a freelancing operation involves hard work and a really thick skin, as you will be rejected many times before you ultimately are hired.  Then, once your clients start leaving you good feedback, you will slowly grow your reputation on the platforms, eventually leading to becoming a Top Rated Freelancer like me; but it takes a good amount of work and dedication, with a few tips and tricks from established professionals to help along the way (like this blog!).

So, until next time — keep your head up and take courses.  The amount of knowledge you can gain from free online education services is amazing, and almost all of it can be applied to your quest for a stable and profitable freelancing service.

Deo Volente, 

W. Paul Alexander


Published by BetterCallPaul

I am a freelance paralegal investigator, journalist, writer, and blogger determined to bring the amazing world that comes with having a freelance career to all of my readers!

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